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Do you need a translator in English, Turkish or any other language? We provide high quality translation services in all professional areas, including legal and municipal documents, financial records, construction documents, business documents, medical documents, internet platforms, websites, online catalogues, etc.


We can get your Bulgarian and foreign documents legalized, such as municipal documents, criminal record certificates, school and university diplomas, certificates of good standing, certificates issued by the National Revenue Agency, declarations, powers of attorney, medical discharge summaries, employment fitness certificates to use abroad, etc. Get your documents translated by our qualified translators in English, Macedonian, German, French, Chinese or Turkish.


Language localization is one part of the translation process which serves to adapt a given text to the cultural and social context of the country of destination. This is a way of getting the right message across and avoiding unfortunate misunderstandings. Localization for business purposes is a process of adapting a certain product (service) to the specific market that is targeted.

MIA 82 LTD TRANSLATION AGENCY has signed a contract with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the legalization of foreign and local documents.

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MIA 82 LTD TRANSLATION AGENCY provides high quality translation and interpreting services from and to any language. We work with highly qualified translators/ interpreters with long years of professional experience in many different areas, such as law, finance, medicine, construction, etc. We understand the need for faultless communication between people from different countries and create an atmosphere of utmost convenience and comfort during their contacts. We have expedite translationand legalization services for documents from all over the world and documents issued to serve abroad. You can trust us with any service you may require that involves translation from Turkish, English, Slovenian, Polish, Korean, or any other language.

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We discuss the way in which you would like to receive your translation


We translate the texts and send them to you


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