The price of the translation services depends on a few factors:

  • Target/ source language
  • Term of completion
  • Content

The languages we work with most often are: English, German, French, Russian, Italian, Spanish, and the service can be normal (up to 5 pages for 24 hours), fast (5-10 pages for 12 hours) and expedited (more than 10 pages for 24 hours).

Due to their widespread use, translation services in these languages are offered by more translators and therefore we can take on larger workloads for relatively short completion times.

With rarer languages it is recommended to have longer periods of time for completion given their complexity and the smaller number of translators who work with them.

The price of the translation will be estimated after a careful review and discussion of the text received for translation.

We offer discounts for larger projects.

Also, in case of long-term relations with your company/ organization, we can sign a contract with fixed costs which are consistent with your needs and requirements.

You can get a translation service quote HERE


Interpreting services are charged by the hour or by the day. .

If you need simultaneous or consecutive interpreting for seminars, conferences, or other formal events, we provide two interpreters who replace each other over certain intervals.

To get more information about the prices of our translation and interpreting services, you can contact us by calling 0888 066 511 or email us at:

We offer discounts for regular customers and larger projects.